On May 25th - 26th 2013 the whole staff of the Motoclub Guzzi Club, Schio (Italy) visit our association. The president of the Club, Mr. Ivan Pfiffer, has kindly gave us his own Motorbike Guzzi Falcone, to be tuned by our technicians. After our tuning, the motorbike, gave notable results of horse-power and torque respect a traditional and not prepared Falcone. We will call this Falcon "the Mr. President's Falcon". We also tested the Falcone cylinder heads at flow bench, whose resulted they are published in the volume 3 of the "Manuale di Ingegneria d'epoca" (the Handbook of Classic Engineering) with many details. Here now, the meeting main aspects, about the tuning and the interview that the staff of the Motoclub Guzzi of Schio has done to the holder of "Ingegneria d'epoca". The president Pfiffer has wanted to reward us with memory plates and with a supper of thanks for our good technical job.


The "Mr. President Falcon" and Mr. Pietro!



The Falcons "fleet"



The "Mr. President Falcon" cylinder heads



The "Mr. President Falcon" cylinder heads at flow bench



"Mr. President's Falcon" horse-power curve after our tuning. 
Comparisons with the horse-power of a not-tuned Falcon


 The cylinder head of "Mr. President Falcon" - inlet flow curve


 The cylinder head of "Mr. President Falcon" - exhaust flow curve


The staff of the Moto Club of Schio (Italy), with the 
founder of "Ingegneria d'epoca" 







"In the Mr. President's Moto Guzzi Falcone we have tuned the cylinder head, making tests at flow bench and verifying the flow speed and its speed in the valves by devices called 'Pitot tubes'. We have also improved the thermal output using a more compressed piston".


This is the main aspect of the preparation, but we publishes the complete interview, containing also Guzzi models evolution short description (for example from where the idea of the model "Falcon" was born) and the data of the preparation in the 3rd volume of the "Manuale di Ingegneria d'epoca" (the Handbook of Classic Engineering).







Inclinated carburettor modify

The oil tank moved under the saddle


Here we describe the change even faster than we did with one of our most faithful collaborators, to place the carburetor in a slanted way possible. From the results previously made to the flow-out heads and Falcone Dondolino we found that tilting the suction duct (pipe) improves the efficiency by a fluid-dynamic point of view of the head. 

But for how simple the change is necessary to move the oil tank from its natural position in under the seat. Although this seems trivial, but also being a craft and prototype implementation is a work of some importance. After some sealing problems and difficulties in connecting various pipelines has reached the stage of proving the effectiveness of the work.


Test at dynamometers: the bike with the modifications described before


The dynamometer our "oracle" that tells us whether the changes are improving or worsening beyond the chatter or personal beliefs. 

After several tests, the bench has revealed some improvement, unfortunately this position strongly sacrifices length of the duct is of the pipette as we have seen must have a certain value.







The "Falcone" with megaphone muffler, open


Other tests performed with the megaphone and the counter-cone


When we speak about the exhaust pipe within the Guzzi is never mentioned the "megaphone", ie the exhaust pipe divergent conical instead of right. Thus was born the curiosity of how and why they can make a Guzzi engine with megaphone. So, we  try to test the motorbike at dynamometer, and we tried a megaphone muffler with different configurations, with counter-free with tube and more. The results are significatives but not entirely clear and apparently the test should continue. 
The full results will come out in the next and final volume of the Manuale di Ingegneria d'epoca" (the Handbook of Classic Engineering).






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